Award Winning Cider

Apple Cider


Farquar Hydraulic Press

See the once steam driven, 40 ton Farquar Hydraulic Press in action. Watch as it take our perfect blend of quality apples and turns them into liquid gold.

The Making of Apple Cider

Apple Orchards Many of the apple are grown onsite at the Haus farm.

Apple Planting Matt Haus takes pride in planting every apple tree on the farm.

Apple Grinder

Apples to be made into cider are sanitized and then sent through the apple grinder where they are reduces to a coarse pulp.

The apple pulp is loaded into the press. The press can exert 50,000 lbs of pressure! As the apple pulp is pressed, the juices are released as cider.
Cider Press

Cider Pasturizer

The cider is pasteurized for safe storage and shelf life.