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1-Fresh apples are picked into 18 bushel bins and brought into the Cider Mill.

4-Here the Hydrolic press excerts approximatly 50,000 lbs pressure to squeeze the juice from the apples.

The juice is then pumped to a refrigerated holding tank until a good blend is achieved.

Cider Press

2-The apples are then washed and sent to the Grinder. The apples are ground into a liquid slush, where it is pumped through a tube

to the press area.

5-The Apple juice is the pumped through a flash pasteurizer to assure a safe product.

3-The press operator then pumps the apples on to a large cloth . When the cloth is full, he will fold the cloth over the apples and place a board on top.  He will repeat this for about 10 layers and then push the layers under the press.

6-The juice is then sent to the bottler where it is jugged and chilled.  No preservatives are used and the juice is as close to natural as possible.

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